When we're arrived from the long journey -at week end on peak season!-  this boutique hotel's staff so helpful. They're help us booked the room after confirmed which room is checked out at that day. They also called us to make sure we're coming before others.

My Mother love this hotel!
The room is so clean and quite wide, with a terrace in front of it! Lovely! The children also love the swimming pool, even it's small but full of services. They make us comfortable and feels like home. The security also great, because they can handle the parking lot -which quite busy- near some other hotels and cafe.

With the map of town -inside the room- We can easily traveling. Oops, one accident happened when my mother leave her bag at the lounge, but when she asked, the staff already found, with the guest help, too..

Well, without doubt I will back to stay here another time if I visit Yogyakarta!

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6 komentar

  1. Replies
    1. Iya, bener.. dilihatnya pas lagi puasa yaa :D

  2. Bagusss hotelnyaaa... Prawirotaman deket rumah nenek aku, jadi ngga bisa nyicipin nginep di Prawirotaman deh wkwk

    1. Wah,senengnyaaa jadi warga Yogya, kalo aku lagi ke Yogya kopdar yaa... ^^

  3. Jadi penasaran sama hotel ini. Padahal lokasinya deket rumah tapi emang dah lama nggak jalan-jalan ke daerah situ.

    1. wohoo.. sesekali nginep atau swimming di sini, mbak Ika, pasti seru ^_^
      Yogya tuh banyak hotel romantis yaa


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