I never wonder that one day I will use android applications for checking out my health!

I never wonder that one day I will use android applications for checking out my health!

I tell you the truth, I still believe that my notes can keep all of these medical records. Some hospital give us a special book for our children`s track of medical and vaccines, that's why.

But after this afternoon event, I admire what MedicTrust doing for us. Ms. Catherine Tjim, the founder told us the idea of this application. Once upon a time, her father is sick. Since then, she realized to concerned about how important is our medical records.

What is MedicTrust?
MedicTrust is an easy to use, cloud-based health management app for storing our medical records secure and easy. While you`re sleeping or going around, you can access your data, get alert for your blood test, diabetic test, high pressure blood test, etcetera.

The application is so easy to use. Just download it from your device with jellybeans support. After it ready, just sign in then you pick up your medical records. This MedicTrust will tell you what you have to do then you received the results at the same time.

So, don't forget download this important application, right!

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11 komentar

  1. Wooh..bentuknya aplikasi ya, semakin simple ya sekarang mulai dr keuangan sampe rekam medis pun bisa dr ponsel :)

    1. yup.. you can use it for checking your usg babies too

  2. Isshhhh keren sekaliiihhhh mak Tanti *sepuluh jempol*

  3. harus dicoba nih aplikasinya...

  4. jaman sekarang makin canggih aja ya mba..

  5. keren nih mba aplikasinya, sangat bermanffat

  6. Oalahhh medictrust ini aplikasi toh...aku prnh dgr sblmnya tp kupikir ini sebangsa rs baru di jkt hahahaha ;p coba ah mba, aku download ntr ;)


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