Once upon a time, 
there was a beautiful girl named Cintalara. She lived in the middle of the town in Indonesia, named Neverthere City. 

Her father was died last year, and now she lived with her wicked stepmother, Lady Manohara and two stepsisters. And, they treated Cintalara veeery badly! 

Cintalara and her stepsister's school is near the castle. And they're already at the last grade at Beauty Girls High School.

Every single day, 

her stepsisters are breakfast with a glass of milk and a slice of cheese bread. And Cintalara have to made it for them, for sure. 

As you know, to make a glass of milk from sweetened condensed milk is very difficult. Few times, Cintalara's finger was hurt. That's because the old tin has no chain ring to opened. Cintalara was never complaining, although sometimes she was cried, when her finger is going hurt!

One beautiful evening, someone knock out the door. 


"Assalamualaikuuum..,"  the greeting sounds loud. 

Cintalara's stepmother opened the door, not answering the greeting. 

Oh! Two handsome man in a uniform are stand outside. One of them give the beautiful invitation letter. The Prince is invited all of the girls for a grand ball tomorrow night, in the King's Palace, near Jalan Merdeka Barat. Cintalara was very excited, but her stepmother would not let her go. 

Cintalara very sad. She is going upstair, looking for her walking closet, but too bad, her stepsisters already took all of her new jeans, t-shirt and also her party gown!

The next day, from morning until afternoon, Cintalara is helping her stepsisters (Chiaobella and Drumbella). Ironing, curl their hair, looking for their boots or heels.. etcetera.  But, after all the crowd, they're leaved Cintalara alone!  

Cintalara felt very sad. She was cried. 

Suddenly, a Fairy Godmother appeared! 

She said, "Hello, Cintalara... Don't worry, I will send you to the ball!" 

Cintalara looked at her, and said,"But, I have no gown, no jeans to wear, hiks.. hiks! And they are took my father's car to go! Huuu huuu.. " Cintalara cried. 

But, the Fairy Godmother just smile. And, she waved her wand... "Triiing!" 
Cintalara's ugly clothes has changed to a brand new Mango simple gown, with a dusk color, and full of water shine make up ala Korean girlband.

In front of Cintalara is a brand new Red Ferrari, complete with a picnic basket full of food. And, look! There's a new can of sweetened condensed milk, named Frisian Flag!

"But, what for is that picnic basket, dear Fairy Godmother?"

"Well.. the Prince is a young talented boy. He likes to eat a tuna sandwich, drink a non alcoholic mojito and sweet chocolate mousse cake!" said Fairy Godmother, smiled. "Oh, I also give the recipe inside the basket, okay!"

Cintalara notted, took the Ferrari key, and fastened her seatbelt. The Fairy Godmother said at the window, "Cintalara, this magic will only last until midnight! You have to go home before midnight, dear.. Byeee!"

At the King's Palace, 
Cintalara's Ferrari car is parked in front of the big gate, and one guardians suddenly appears, took her car and said it was a vallet. 

With a new look, Cintalara was quite different from the other girls. Yet, she was the stylished girls inside the ball. No one knew her! The handsome Prince saw her, and ... he fell interested what Cintalara's brought on!

"Hello, my name is Hyun Bin, I am the Prince here," he gave his beautiful smile.
Cintalara was very shy. But, the Prince Hyun Bin then ask her, "Hei, what kind of basket that you bring? Is it for me?"

"Yes, Prince Hyun Bin, this is all for you. Come, I would like to make a Tuna Sandwich and a special mojito, just for us, would you?"

"Oh, I love it! I feel very hungry, because all of these gurls wanna dance hip hop with me. I felt tired, too.." 

The Prince took Cintalara to the gazebo outside, then Cintalara made the special sandwiches, and while she wanted to opened the Frisian Flag new can, she felt very confused. Oh, no! The Fairy Godmother must be forgot to put can opener! 

But, "Hmmm... what is it?" Cintalara looked up the can. The Fairy Godmother already give a little note that she only "klik, tarik, tuang" the sweet condense milk. Okay, it's very easy to apply! 

Cintalara then makes the mojito happily. Prince Hyun Bin ate all the Tuna Sandwiches, drank the mojito, and finally ate the Chocolate Mousse with vla.

"This is the most wonderful dinner that I ever had!" said the Prince. Cintalara just smiled. He touched Cintalara`s hand, and asked. 

"Do you want to be my Princess, please?" 

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! The grandfather clock was ringing. It's almost midnight!

"Oh,  I'd like it too, Prince Hyun Bin, but I have to go home!"

Cintalara ran across the ball, and went to her Ferrari, but she didn't left her shoes, because she used the good one, made in Italy. The Prince ran to chased her, but Cintalara already gone... 

The Prince was shocked! He didn't ask Cintalara`s address yet. He felt in love to Cintalara! But, hey... there is a chain can left! And he never found this chain before! 

The next day, the Prince and his guardians ride their Harley motorbike, and went to all of the house, that invited before. He just asked to the girls, what kind of the sweetened condensed milk they had. Badly, all of these girls never saw the new innovation of Frisian Flag! They also didn't know the mojito that Prince Hyun Bin drank. 

At the end of the day, the Prince came to the last house. But, the guardian shooked his head. "I'm really really sorry, Prince. But, we knew that in this house, there's only one wicked woman lived with two fat daughter. I don't  think that this is the lady like I saw last night..." 

"But... I'm thirsty," the Prince yelled. The guardian rolled his eyes. Whatever. So, the parade are going to Lady Manohara`s house. 

Lady Manohara and her two daughters are so happy, looked at the Prince. They told Cintalara to serviced the Prince, but they didn't allowed her to showed her face. 

Prince Hyun Bin asked them, are they had a condensed milk? And, could the girls made  a mojito? 

Chiaobella and Drumbella panic, and tried to make it. Alas, they couldn't! 

Cintalara, heard that Prince voice, could not stand anymore. She took her Frisian Flag new can, then came out from the kitchen. She showed everybody how to opened it very easily!

Klik, tarik, tuang... 

And she made the Mojito, served the Chocolate Mousse with vla, with the ingredients in her picnic basket that suddenly appeared! The Prince was so happy, and he asked Cintalara once again, "Would you be my Princess, Cintalara?". 

Cintalara was smiled, and saying, "Yes, I do,"

Well, the end of the story, 
Prince Hyun Bin and Cintalara were married. I heard that they opened the FF cafe, and sold Cintalara Mojito Ice. And they lived happily ever after.

The End

Oh, this is the recipe that Cintalara gave it to me.
The recipe was from Frisian Flag Cafe

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