My friend Arie Parikesit n the founders (courtesy of blogdetik)
Have you ever heard about MAKAN SUTERA? Behind this famous name is KF Seetoh.

KF Seetoh came to Indonesia many times and did some researches for some famous Indonesian’s eating places. KF Seetoh and Arie Parikesit (a friend of mine) made this cooperation to publish a book names Makansutra Indonesia 2013.

The book covers the eating places in Bali, Bandung and Jakarta (which includes Tangerang /Serpong). It had a lots of information, includes ingredient and components of food.

I do had this book when Arie Parikesit invite us from Kumpulan Emak Blogger. They choose me as one of the twitter's winner. It really surprising me. This book is sell at Books & Beyond for around 200k rupiahs. I just review it! I kept it for about a few months in my book racks. That’s it!

So, I opened it yesterday when I wanted to try eating in new places. Somehow, most those places written in the book are the places I’ve known and been there for several times.

OMG!  Nah, how important to review this book.
Courtesy of Arie Parikesit
  • The paper used in the book is glossy and colorful, so eye catching
  • Each references give detailed information on the location, phone number, opening hours, their closing days, halal/not, price range and how the bloggers rate the place in term of how delicious the food there.
  • It is written in English (So, giving this book as a gift for non-Indonesian’s foodie is totally  recommended)  
  • It collects reviews from independent food bloggers whom I know by name and good reputations
  • The explanation is thorough
  • There are hundreds recommendation of eating places here. As for me, though sometimes no picture is shown but how the bloggers describe the food does make me drooling.
  • The book itself comes in a handy size , which means one can easily brings it when visiting Bali, Bandung or Jakarta.
How to buy this book? Just add Arie Parikesit in facebook or twitter. He will be more than happy to assist anyone interesting with this book and any questions related to food.

Soon, Arie and his Warisan Kuliner’s team will launch a book of Indonesian Heritage food. This time, it will cover Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. As a serious food lovers, Arie succeed make more of Indonesian's culinaries famous. So, just can't wait, Arie!

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  1. wew... review in english..
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    ada pak bondan juga? pokok.e maknyus.. :P

    1. thanks Internet Super Sehat, offcourse he exist there!