When you talk about in-flight, luxury, hospitality but comfortable, Singapore Airlines is one of the brand regional airline. SIA evolving to one of the most respected travel brand airline around the world, over six continents. From 1972, this airline has made a habit of leading their way on Asean. Developed their reputation is not that easy, and some innovative has launched. One of their innovation was Premium Economy Class

Premium economy is a travel class offered on some airlines. Positioning in price, comfort, and amenities, this travel class is leveled between economy class and business classIn 1991, some airlines also offered this class of service in the world.

The cabin crew, 
also known as Singaporean Girl, Nadya and Rani
I invited by the Singapore Airlines, on Thursday, September 10th 2015 at Grand Indonesia, one of the famous cityscape at Jakarta. For the first time, they want us, as a bloggers try and join their new Premium Economy Class. We have to try their new luxury seat. Well, I arrived at the last minute before it opening the ceremony!

Welcoming all of the Emak Bloggers this morning, is Mrs. Glory Henriette, PR Manager of Singapore Airlines. She is opening with introduce herself and team, include their icon Singapore Girl flight attendant, named Rani and Nadia. Tell you the truth, they're smile not only with their mouth but also with their eyes... *touchy*

After seeing the video, Mrs Glory take us to the seat, and pleased us to feel the ambience of the cabin. The simulation of the cabin crew start from greet the passengers, providing the high standards of care and service that we found on their flight. *I flew abroad with this airlines, looong time ago (1999), so I hope one day I will traveling with SIA*
For now, Singapore Airlines launching the new class on board Sydney-Singapore route on Monday. The first flight due on September 9th, 2015 from Singapore to Sidney. For other destination, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Zurich, London, etc will come later.
That's my feet, enjoy the foot-rest board. So relaxing...
Oh, and this seat has a gadget controller to selected the movies, or just play a game. Effortlessly.
Passengers receive noise-cancelling headphones and that happy boy
 watch his fave movie on a 34cm HD screen (so wide, huh?)
If you don't wanna talk to anyone, headphone is also useful..
I always reading in every single trip,
and almost every 3-4 hours re-charge my gadget batteries so I found this is very helpful, and I believe that lamp is adjustable to focus when we're reading
Passengers will receive a 35 kg baggage allowance when flying, what a good news, right! The seats also features two USB ports, a power supply and cocktail table.
In this class, we also found the wi-fi with extra charge -the rate is following the package of the internet broadband. You might catch up on work, reply your email on air and also socialize your trip... 

Write a new entry on your blog, sounds great. *imagined when I could fly with this SIA premium economy. Let's pray..-__-*

What else that passenger's need? Food
Yes, you are right. On taking a seat, SIA will offered a non-alcoholic or alcoholic drink, also halal or not. While seeing the display, I feels like seeing the restaurant's menu. 

They're offered the cuisine with 'book the cook' menu, or just pick from three choices of main course. At altitude, passenger were pleasantly have a nice meal, then sleep.. zzzz..

The Sydney-Singapore route is the first to feature the new class, with 18 more routes to follow, starting with Hong Kong and London later this month. The first flight used Boeing 777-300 was on September 9th, 2015, going to Sidney from Singapore. And I'm not there yet... *sigh*

Collaboration with BCA, SIA also makes the travel fair at Grand Indonesia 5th grade Fountain Lounge. 

Using the BCA credit cards due on this promotion, are:
  • Have a superdeal SIA Ticket
  • Free ticket destination Singapore
  • Cash Back and free voucher
  • BCA 0% 
  • three times Krisflyer miles

The period is from September 1 - October 10, 2015. You can input your ticket number with email at  website http://siauntukmu.com 

When I write this, I think about one word : choice

Make a choice sometimes difficult. 
When we must make choices, pursuit yourself. 
A time will come when we must choose something.
When we think about fly and feels like home, hospitality, satisfaction.. 
then you know which is your choice. 

Choice changes us
smile, because you own your choices

We're happy, capture the moment after try the new seat!
"Singapore Airlines is a global company dedicated to providing air transportation services of the highest quality and to maximising returns for the benefit of its shareholders and employees."
     Singapore Airlines' Mission Statement

Picture's credit from Annisa Steviani, Rinrin Indrianie, Kumpulan Emak Blogger and Singapore Airlines Press Conference, thanks!

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