Hi, gorgeous!

One fine and beautiful morning, we -"the blogger babes" ahaaa.. - had an invitation from Orangtua Group. Yes! They want us for meet up with the famous beauty blogger at Indonesia named Cheryl Raisa. You can find her blog's here at (rrr... she doesn't own her domain yet!)
It's been a loong .. loong time ago since I bought my make up utilities... hicks.. so I was pleasured when this brand gave us chance to touch up our face. 

The car already waited when my hubby dropped me by at McDonald's Alam Sutera. The driver himself is their HRD person! So, I and Tuty (my blogger's friend at Tangerang).

The Orangtua Group building is at Jl Lingkar Barat kav 35 - 36 Rawa Buaya, Cengkareng, West Jakarta. Closed enough from my house, actually. 

This pink lable was identically Beau Car - one stop shopping make up. They will stopped by if you make an appointment with a few friends - 15 person with minimum purchase IDR 75K each. 

This time, Cheryl Raisa taught us how to do the sheer and glowy yet fresh look. 
Before doing some makeup, make sure that your face is clean...

1. Apply the foundation
Foundation is one of the trickiest makeup products to use properly. It can give you flawless skin, or shade the chubby cheek, look younger, but... if you're not applying it correctly, boom.. your face look so "heavy" or cakey.. ahahaha..

The easy tips that Cheryl gave for us : 
  • determine your tone type
  • don't ever applying it too much!
2. Apply the eyeliner
With the Silky Girl eyeliner, one of the beauty consultant help us to applying it carefully. Cheryl warned us to apply it with one thin line, so it makes your eyes bigger, not smaller!

3. Apply the eye shadow and cream cheek highlighter
Psst.. I told you, I can't remembered it at all *wink.. the beautycian help me all the time, so .. 



4. Apply the lipstick
Your lipstick is the best policy!

You can choose the right colour that makes you look younger and sexier, or make it as a vampire lady.. hiiiiy..

Every single ladies has their favorit colour, but make sure it suits you!

And... tadaaaa...


The rainy day has come, officially here, and I'm ready on it with that glows skin, and looks fresh and dewy :)

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  1. Weis, abin make up jadi makin cantik Mak Tanti. Seneng ya diundang di acara keren.

  2. Hahhha ... iya lawong cara makenya beda

  3. jadi beda penampilannya setelah dimake up, uy :)

  4. Cantiiiknya Cici :) Pinkynya cuco pisan hehehe Lah, mataku udah gede, kalau dikasih eyeliner tambah keliatan gede dong, ya?

  5. yuhuuu...after make up keren bangett

  6. Fresh maak iniiih..after make up
    Andai lagi ngga ada perut, pingiin ikutan hihiii
    Ada sesi belanja nya jg ngga mba abis acara ?

  7. makin cantik aja mbak tanti. Mbak kapan buka kelas gambar aku mau dong diajarin eh tapi pascal juga mau belajar

  8. Tjan to the tiiiik, tjantiiiiik *smooch