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Doodle on your shoes and make an unique fashion item!
When you chit chat on the phone, do find your self mindlessly scribbling swirls and waves, curly-cues and spirals, zig-zags and dots, or lines and patterns on scrap paper? 

If you do, then you are most likely a doodler! 
Me, and my little bro have both been diagnosed with “doodleitis“, and my little bro has passed this doodling addiction down to our kids. 

So, now I and my daughter Aniqa decided to get her creativity on and doodle her style! 

We will make and "decorate" canvas shoes with doodle. Check it out!

First, drawing it with pencil
then bold it the black marker 

Give the color that you want, use copic marker or any permanent marker
color the other shoe, right!

reveal tiiimeee.....

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