Why You Should Start Wearing Shapewear?

A healthy and ideal body is the desire of some of us.
To keep the body in order to remain ideal, we must adjust the diet. Exercise should also be done regularly.

Another thing that can be done to form an ideal body is to use supporting clothes.

One of the supporting clothing that women can wear is shapewear.

Reporting from NOVA bulletin, shapewear is a product of women's underwear that can shape, refute, and beautify the silhouette of the body.

Compared to other underwear products, it's rare to use shapewear.

The reasons vary, but according to sources like shapewear, it makes the body feel tight, sore, and uncomfortable.

So, are there long-term benefits? The answer is, of course there is. Shapewear that fits well on the body can provide benefits, including improving posture.

In addition, it turns out that shapewear helps us to control our appetite and minimize the appearance of cellulite on the skin. 

Wearing Shapewear is a Lifestyle

Women are increasingly aware of their body shape. Who doesn't want to have an ideal body shape? Various methods were used to be able to appear always perfect at all times.

One instant way is to wear shapewear. Shapewear allows you to appear slimmer and slimmer quickly. Your clothes will look better too. However, there are many things to consider when choosing shapewear. 

What are they? Check out the complete list, ladies!

Is Shapewear Affordable?

Having many benefits, some of us may see that this underwear is difficult to find at affordable prices. In fact, there is a women's underwear brand named Popilush who sees this as a meaningful challenge. 

Not only for certain clothes, but this shapewear product is designed for everyday use, such a shaper dress. So it can be used during sports or to the office.

Using bonding technology and quality materials, Popilush shapewear products are claimed to be very strong and durable.

The product is ultimately said to be able to flatten the stomach, shrink the waist, and properly support the buttocks area.

What does the shaper dress actually do?

A shaper dress, is a clothing you wear to give an illusion of a flatter and slimmer body.  Shapewear can help cover your fat deposits and make you look beautiful and ideal in your favorite dress.

Using built in shapewear dress, can appear always perfect at any time.  Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 maxi dress, for example is a highly recommended for use at a special event.

The advantages of wearing "Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1" maxi dress

  • Built-in bra with removable bra pads
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Shaping bodysuit underneath. The smooth and sleek design is perfect for a date night or running errands
  • Double layer waist control, sucking you in and creating an hourglass figure.
  • Butt lifting technology to enhance your booty for the BBL effect
  • Smooth modal fabric is moisture-wicking, keeping you fresh and sleek on the go.
  • An open gusset makes bathroom breaks easy, ensuring your comfort.
  • Whole body shaping creates the idea figure you have always wanted.

Comfortable with long sleeve lounge dress!

This shapewear is expected to give women confidence. Popilush wish the long sleeve lounge dress also can be part of the daily life of Indonesian women, and can give them a sense of confidence in all the activities they do,

Most Indonesian women today love to wear the gamish (lounge dress for woman use hijab), so they like to use a shapewear. 

Using shapewear under the gamish, with a typical elasticity, it provides compression and supports back. It makes body straight and firm, and also helps in alleviating pain in the lower back and lumbar area.

The right way to measure

For underbust or bra sizes, measure directly under the bust. Meanwhile, if for example you want to measure the breast, use a bra. Find the waist point by bending slightly to the side and find where the body creases. Don't forget to use the right meter. It would be better if someone else helps measure.

Hopefully useful, ladies. Always look forward to beauty tips that can make you look even more attractive at tantiamelia.com.

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