Most children learn best when they are doing something for a real purpose and because they want to

If you are a little girl or boy, then find out how to read a book with imagination, you should go here!

Well.. I did imagine it when first time I came here! A lovely place to go, with a lots of books here and there, makes me feels what the children should think!

Children absorb so much and are eager to learn!

So, learning through play is a great way to develop their language and have real fun! Play games inside and outside and even on the move.

When I invited to this event, I don't expect this much. Yeah, I know that they taught their children to read, earlier than my children.. hehheee


Tadaaa... Mrs Lily herself told us that her three children start "read" at 3 mo. James start reading at 15 mo and 

Meet Dr. Robert C. Titzer
This methode first came to Indonesia, through Dr. Bob Titzer. He was a researcher for infant from US. His grand vision was making the world a better place, by helping parents developed their young childrens early learning abilities.

This Baby Can Read program begins with 3 mo until 5 yo, and Baby Can Discover program begins at 1 yo to 7 yo. 

Dr. Bob Titzer has been a professor, teacher, and public speaker on human learning for around 20 years, and has taught his own children to read using the multi-sensory approach that he developed.

He is also the founder of the Infant Learning Company, a company that produces learning products for infants. (wikipedia)
Encourage you to do is to begin reading with your newborn within days of welcoming her home! Not only is this a special bonding time for the two of you, it instills in her a love for books.

Is it true that the baby can read? How!
Thru this program, all babies understand the words with picture. With the methode of this quotes:
What your baby sees, should match what she or he hears. 

Allright, let me explained all what I learn from this event.. ehehe.. bismillaah.

  • All babies learning through more than one sensory system at the same time! In other words, they sees and hears at the same time.
  • When babies learning about a toy, they look it generally. They touch it, listen the sound and even smell it! Sometimes, they shook the toy to see what happened!
  • Words : C L A P
    Help babies "sees" the words then show it : you can show them the words and then the picture. You also can clap your hands. Figure it out!
  • At young age, babies can not speak correctly, but they understand how to response when see the words!
How much?
Registration Fee : IDR 1.9K
and the baby will get whole set of Baby Can Read and Baby Can Discover. 

If your children needs a book club, they also give this facilities. Each children could read 500 books a year thru this book club! Oh eM Gi... -__-

Is it help? If not, you can see it by yourself and talk to the experts there. The founder and co-founder's name are : Betty, Lily and Humaira. This loveable place is at : 

Reading Is Fun
Jl Kerinci 3 no 9 Kebayoran Baru 
South Jakarta
021-722 1584
email :

*all pictures source by Mrs Lily and others

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  1. Nice place and comfortable for kids. can read earlier at 3 mo yaa.. my son begins learn alphabeth from brand of the air conditioner, he always ask "what the brand of this AC?" Hehehe... learn and play.. :)