Have you ever heard about tumblemat?

Ha ha.. I never heard it before until ... the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly appeared! 

Well... yeah.. after that, we don't go to the gym. Moreover, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, going outside the home might be something that can make anyone feel worried. 

So, to work around this, I prepared sports equipment at home. And guess what? I heard about this tumble mat. 

What is tumblemat, actually?

Tumble Mat is one of the biggest air tumble track gymnastics manufacturer in the world. 

Tumble mats are widely used in gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading practices, dance, yoga, and other athletic sports. A tumble or tumbling mat is a stretch of padded material to help soften the landing of users. 

A lot of people give the air tumblemat reviews , which also serves as a joint protector as it cushions the impact of landing. And because of that, it puts less stress on your joints, ligaments, and bones as well.

Air tumble track can be used for functionality and widely used in various occasions such as home, gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, school, gym, playground, stadium, etc. 

The customers can customize indoor tumblemat in a various color, and choose the gym air tumble track style, and size. Best-selling colors are red, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, mint green, lake green.

Tumblemat are focused on producing air tumble track for 9 years with highly advanced and mature technology. In fact, there were 9-year improvements on the products. 

With higher-quality, better-looking, and more durable, so everyone can use this air track happily.

This air tumble tracks, are sold to countries around the world. So there are a lot of repeat orders, excellent customer reviews and the customers gave so much word of mouth. 
You don’t have to worry about quality.

Several type of tumblemat

Tumblemat only focus on manufacturing with mass production and factory direct sales for this air tumble track. 

They are capable to offer wholesale prices and cost-effective products because this company choose the highest quality materials in the industry.

The warranty of this tumble track is two years, and you will get the repair skit for free. If you accidentally scratch the air tumble track while using it, you can fix it easily. You will be amazed how easy and safe to repair this tumble track.

Tumblemat Materials

The air tumble track body is made of DWF, which is a new type of drawing material, composed of PVC glue and brushed space mesh which is called double wall fabric. Tumblemat uses Plato PVC material with intensity which is suitable for all surrounding.

This material is made of glue combination such as superglue from South Korea and the strong curing agent. Remember, air tumble track gymnastics use high-quality material so you can feel comfortable while using it.

The production of these air tracks follow strict manufacturing and testing standards. 

There are 2 steps of process of production. 
  • First, shaping by using the superglue imported from South Korea. This glue is used to shape the gym air tumble track, so the air tumble track itself is completely flat without tilting.
  • Second, reinforcement to the surface of the air tracks. Then, the process of edging strip to reinforced is started. The products need 24 hours after completion in order to clean up the surface of the product thus there will be no problem. The packaging is very neat because it uses the custom-made bag and pack it in cartons at last before delivery.

There are three types of Tumble Mat such as P1 with height with 10cm, P2 with height 20cm, and P3 with height 30cm. 

The length and width can be completely customized according to your requirements based on diverse needs.

Custom made logo on your tumblemat

The best part of it,
you can ask to print name or logo on your gym air tumble track. You can also ask Velcro to enjoy the combination of your beloved air tumble track. 

Beside that, you can get professional pre-sales and after-sales service along with daily 12 hours of online service. You will get reply via email quickly. 

Official Store on Social Media

There are a lot of various videos of this air tumble tracks on Instagram and Facebook. Just browse and follow @tumblemat_official to enjoy those videos and get the newest update of this gym air tumble track.

Okay guys, are you interested to buy this amazing stuff? You will be satisfied while using it for sure. 

If you wan to buy online on its website click here 

17 komentar

  1. Yuhuu, bisa enjoy banget workout walopun lagi puasa nih ya Mbaa
    Pakai Tumblemat ini aja.
    Makin cihuy!

  2. duh auto ingat waktu dulu lagi rajin-rajinnya yoga

    dan sekarang sedang ancang2 yoga lagi karena olah raga paling aman untuk saya

    pas banget dapat info tentang tumblemat yang nyaman digunakan

    tenkyu darling

  3. Tumblemat mendukung aktifitas indoor dan outdoor.

  4. Paling asik tuh liat atlet tumbling lagi bertumbling ria. Ampuunn..bikin deg-deg'an liat mereka bersalto berkali-kali di udara dan mendarat di atas tumble mat dengan mulus. Baidewei, ternyata tumblemat menggunakan superglue ya, bahkan diimpor dari Korsel. Wih, super lengket dong.

  5. Tumblemat kalau ada di rumah, bakal betah nih olah raga pembentukan tubuh, biar body ga semakin berat krn malas gerak, alasan pandemi, sekarang puasa, duh banyak alasan. Kalau ada matras kece kayak gini kan auto semangat peregangan, hahaha.
    Meluncur ke akunnya utk lihat2 yg cocok di kantong.

  6. Kayaknya asyik nih beliin tumblemat gini buat bocah yang seneng guling-gulingan dan locat-loncat di kasur. Biar dia sekalian belajar koprol dan kayang juga

  7. yang pounya tumblemat ini di rumah pasti bakalan rajin olahraganya yaa, dan otomatis badan pun jadi lebih sehat

  8. Pas lihat warna Tumblemat yang ditampilkan Mak Tanti suka dah soalnya biru, hehe.

    Pakai Tumblemat jadi nggak ada alasan malas lagi dong buat berolahraga di rumah ya

  9. Saya pun pernah mereview tumblemat ini,memang enak banget punya ini di rumah. Mau lakukan aktifitas 0lahraga tentunya semakin nyaman ya,Mba. Bahan yang digunakan juga bagus nih sehingga tetap aman dipakai.

  10. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  11. Saya malahan jadi ingat tidur Mbak. Duh, bawaan puasa kali ya. Atau karena belum pernah yoga.
    Yang jelas memang tumblemat tampak nyaman banget untuk semua kegiatan yang memungkinkan memakainya.

  12. Saya cuma punya 1 mat di rumah. Biasanya dipakai bergantian tuh ma anak-anak yang memang pada suka yoga. Kayaknya memang harus nambah 1 lagi. Biar bisa pakainya barengan

  13. makin cihuy pake tumblemat, olah raga yoga semakin nyaman ini mah ...

  14. This one is highly recommended for those who loves exercise. Comfortable yet convenient for stretching. It's colours are also attractive yet eye-comfort.

  15. setelah baca artikel mba tanti, saya jadi kepoin tentang tumblemat, untuk anak saya terapi dirumah lebih nyaman lagi.

  16. Tumblemat bagus gini bakal diminati banget ama mereka yang rutin yoga. Terlihat aman dan nyaman untuk digunakan. Bikin nge-yoga jadi makin rajin dan semangat, badan sehat bakal cepat didapat :D

  17. i am very interseted to made this custom tumblemat,
    because can request the heigh
    and I can ask to print name or logo on your gym air tumble track.
    moreover, this tumblemat follow strict manufacturing and testing standards.