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Judulnya agak "menyeramkan" yaaa! Coin hoarder. Penimbun uang recehan. Apa sih bagusnya dari numpukin uang recehan? Kalo nu...



Dei is a daughter of Lord Bije. She is cute-charming-cheerful.

One day, she is find out that she lost of her mind -only a few minutes every day-
but when she's woke, she find a lots of things different.

For examples; the table beside her bed is moving and the next day, the color of her hair is change to blue!

The best thing is,  now she could smell and and made a nice cup of coffee. So, she start a new cafe with her ability.

One day, her boyfriend came, and give her the purple shoes that she never had! Oow .. that means she already give it when she's not there!

The only way to know is going to her grandmother -which is a witch- at Coffee Island.

And the adventures is begin.

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