How To Purchase Black Friday Bra The Right Way?

Black Friday 2022, the most anticipated shopping event of the year, takes place on November 25th. 

When the date arrives, to take advantage of the best offers and low prices, it is important to take some care and make your consumer rights count, in addition to knowing how to buy a bra on this date, it is essential to know how to take advantage of promotions. To help you, we've separated some important tips that can make a difference.

Before Black Friday, Build a Wish List and Compare Prices

The first step to not having problems during Black Friday is knowing the products you want to buy on the day. The ideal is to organize between the end of October and the beginning of November, and make a list with the items, prices and stores. Thus, you will not only know where to buy, but how to buy the product you want cheaply.

  • Check the reputation of the store before placing the order.
It is important to know if the store where you intend to purchase the products is trustworthy - especially if it is your first purchase there.
  • Confirm availability and delivery time
Due to the increase in the number of orders, it is possible that the products will have low availability in stock during Black Friday. When making the purchase in the store, whether digital or physical, note the delivery time and the date of receipt of the product informed by the company to make sure that, at first, you will not have problems during delivery.

Now that you know good tips for black, let's talk about how to choose black friday bra. Buying a bra is really a difficult task. I don't know about you, but when I find a model that fits really well, I try to buy several, in different colors and, if it's more basic, even in the same color, just to make sure I'll have good bras for a long time.

Wearing a bra that bothers you all day no one deserves it. The wrong size can also destroy any production you make. The right size and model bra can give that "up" to your look and make your day more pleasant.

So here are some tips to get you right when buying:

1. Know your exact size

It is important that you know yourself to make the right choice. Try taking a tape measure and taking measurements of your bust and chest. This makes it easier to shop both in physical and virtual stores.

It's no use buying a size smaller in hopes of losing weight. Tight bra can kill your production, no matter how expensive it is. Buy exactly your size.

2. Choose good brands

I'm not making an apology for the consumerism of expensive products, but if you want a quality product, you'll have to invest a little bit to have the most comfortable wireless bra or long sleeve legging set in a more renowned brand, with better quality, and modeling.

3. Choose according to your wardrobe

It's no use buying several dark pieces in the summer or light in the winter. We usually choose the bra by the model of clothing we are wearing. Think about colors, necklines, trends of the station. Intimate fashion follows these trends.

4. Price counts

Take advantage of black to invest in these pieces that are so important in the women's wardrobe, as in all segments, good quality products, which require a more elaborate modeling work and raw material not cost too little. That's the rule and it also applies to underwear. Again, I'm not encouraging you to buy expensive stuff. 

But don't be fooled, a good bra it doesn't cost cheap, but black is there to help you with the investment.

7 komentar

  1. ah bener banget kadang kalo udah nemu brand bra yang cocok, saya suka beli langsung beberapa warna termasuk warna hitam. dan saya setuju kalo beli bra itu gampang2 susah (ga bisa sembarangan)

  2. It's true..
    When we have found something comfortable, especially underwear, then we tend to collect them.
    And spread the brand with those closest friends, so we can feel comfortable, too.

  3. Beli bra itu susah susah gampang ya mbak
    Harus cari yang cocok tentunya
    Biar nyaman saat digunakan

  4. Couldn't agree more! Once you find the right underwear, you won't look for others. I've tried many bras but yes, there are only several brands I would repurchase because they're comfy.

  5. memilih bra ini memang nggak boleh sembarangan yaa. harus yang nyaman dipakai dan pas dengan payudara kita

  6. Memilih bra yang sesuai dg tubuh kita emang ga sembarang. Kalau udah dapat merek yg cocok pasti ga bakal mau ganti merek. Kecuali emang pengen coba2.

  7. Black friday emang selalu dinanti-nanti para online shopper even untuk beli bra. Hehe...daripada buru-buru memlih bra yang salah, memang lebih baik dapat asupan penjelasan seperti ini daripada beli murah tapi gak nyaman kan